Microsoft Ignite 2022 – Microsoft Teams Mesh Avatar

At this year’s Ignite 2022, Microsoft announced an exciting new feature to Microsoft Teams, launching it fully into the metaverse world. Microsoft Teams Mesh Avatar will provide team members the ability to join team meetings as their avatars without turning on their cameras, create multiple versions of their avatars that reflect the different types of meetings they are attending, and express themselves with ease through a wide range of gestures and reactions.

Create Your Mesh Avatar

Microsoft Teams Mesh Avatars can be accessed and created in two different ways. These two ways are from:

  1. The Teams Home Screen:
    a. Select the three dots located above the Store icon on the left sidebar
    b. Launch the Search Bar
    c. Type in “Mesh Avatars” in the Search Bar
    d. Select the corresponding app; and
  2. Within the Teams Meeting:
    a. Select the three dots located in the top left bar and left of the Camera icon
    b. Choose “Effects and Avatars” in the right-hand column
    c. Select “Open Avatars App” at the top of Your Avatar section.

This is how simple and quick a Mesh Avatar can be created. Once created, the Mesh Avatar can be customized as one or several versions of the user.

Customizing Your Mesh Avatar

With the hybrid work environment, and the projection of generations to come working in a metaverse, inclusivity and social connection are requirements to encourage, develop, build, and sustain community, collaboration, and team relationships.

Customizing a Mesh Avatar is just as simple as creating one. Simply choose “Customize” from within the Mesh Avatar builder to begin the process. With hundreds of options to choose from under the categories of Figure, Hair, Makeup, and Wardrobe as indicated on the tabs, a team member can customize their avatar to represent themselves while reflecting their personality and personal statements.  

Joining a Teams Meeting as Your Mesh Avatar

Sometimes, we just don’t want to turn the camera on when we join a Teams meeting. Currently, we can upload a selfie or it remains as a blank outline of a portrait but either way, both are static versions of ourselves.

Now, with Mesh Avatar, team members can join a meeting without having to turn on their cameras by attending as their Mesh Avatar. To join a Teams meeting with your Mesh Avatar from within a meeting:

  1. Select the three dots located in the top bar to the left of the Camera icon
  2. Select “Effects and Avatars” from the drop-down menu
  3. Select “Avatars” in the right-hand column
  4. Choose the avatar that you want to use to represent you during this meeting
  5. Select “Avatar Backgrounds”
  6. Choose the avatar background that you would like to use in your meeting.

The Mesh Avatar that you have chosen will now appear in the meeting with the chosen avatar background without you having to turn on your camera.

React with Your Mesh Avatar

Just like you would react as if you were in person during a Teams Meeting, your Mesh Avatar can engage with team members through reactions, displaying a mood, and changing the camera angle to provide a different perspective. Microsoft Teams meetings can be fun, engaging, and personal with Mesh Avatars.

Another step towards working in a hybrid metaverse that engages team members, customizable Microsoft Teams Mesh Avatars provide team members the opportunity to present themselves sans camera while reflecting their personalities, uniqueness, attitudes, and individualities. Engaging, collaborating, discussing, and problem-solving in the metaverse world has never been more futuristic, entertaining, and convivial than it is with Teams Mesh Avatar.

  • Wednesday, November 02, 2022 By : Mike Maadarani    0 comment