Hybrid BCS Part 4 – Connect to on-premises services

  Setting a hybrid connection between you SharePoint Online and on-premises required communication trusts between the 2 farms. Refer to this article Configuring Hybrid Infrastructure for more details on how to configure

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Configuring Hybrid Infrastructure

  Setting up SharePoint on-premises requires that you meet basic SSO deployment requirements and then configure SharePoint 2013 services and inbound requests. When you set up and enable SSO, users in your

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Hybrid BCS Part 3 – External Content Type Configuration

  Next, you will need to create an External Content Type (ECT) based on the OData source. We need to reiterate here that Hybrid BCS implementation only work with OData source

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Introduction to Hybrid BCS Architecture – Part 1

  In the past few months, I have been asked many times to architect and design a Hybrid BCS Architecture between SharePoint Online and on-premises, and lately I was asked if

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Hybrid BCS – Part 2 – Create an OData Source

  The BCS hybrid scenario supports connecting only to an Open Data protocol (Odata) source. If your external data already has an OData service endpoint, then you can skip the creation

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SharePoint 2016 Release is Q2 of 2016

  Last week, the Microsoft Office Team announced the general availability date of the SharePoint 2016 server to be in Q2 2016, and the beta version should be available later

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Register to attend the Microsoft MVP Virtual Conference

  I wanted to let you know about a great free event that Microsoft and the MVPs are putting on, May 14th & 15th.  Join Microsoft MVPs from the Americas’ region

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SharePoint Patches are now part of Windows Update

Starting with the February 2015 CUs, all SharePoint updates will be part of the Windows Update.

In a blog from Stefan Goßner, he indicates the changes will start with

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SharePoint Online drops Public Website

​Last month, Microsoft announced a distinctive change one of the SharePoint Online features. The publishing site in Office 365 will be deprecated as of January 2015.

In a a KB Article

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Enable PDF Preview in SharePoint Search Result

This article describes how you can enable PDF preview in the search core results web part.

By default, PDF previews are not turned on in the search core results web part.

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