SharePoint Patches are now part of Windows Update

Starting with the February 2015 CUs, all SharePoint updates will be part of the Windows Update.

In a blog from Stefan Goßner, he indicates the changes will start with

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SharePoint Online drops Public Website

​Last month, Microsoft announced a distinctive change one of the SharePoint Online features. The publishing site in Office 365 will be deprecated as of January 2015.

In a a KB Article

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Enable PDF Preview in SharePoint Search Result

This article describes how you can enable PDF preview in the search core results web part.

By default, PDF previews are not turned on in the search core results web part.

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Branding your public facing site

SharePoint 2013 has made life much easier for developers to create a responsive website without much efforts and all done with no customization required. With the introduction of the design

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SharePoint 2013 Search Crawl Timeout Issue

​Implementing SharePoint 2013 in a secure zone as an extranet application might be challenging, if you are deploying your farm in a zone with many restrictions.

Recently, I deployed

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SharePoint 2013 Distributed Cache Logon Token issue

​Distributed Cache Service (DCS) is a customized version of Windows App Fabric deployed in SharePoint 2013.

The Distributed Cache service provides caching functionality to features (not to be confused with site features) in

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User Profile Synchronization Service – Access is denied

Sometimes, when you first create your User Profile Service Application and you configure your first Synchronization Connection, (or any new Synchronization Connection), you might notice that the service is not

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Missing Content Search Web Part

In SharePoint 2013, all the content can now be surfaced using search.  The Search driven  web parts have their own Querying Builder user Interface which makes it very easy

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SharePoint 2013 Search with SharePoint 2010 Farm

 Many customers are excited about the new features that SharePoint 2013 brings to the table. Small or large organizations who have

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Create and Extend SharePoint 2013 Search with PowerShell

Create the Search Service Application

In the first section of this article, I am going to show how you can create SharePoint 2013 Search Service Application Using PowerShell. This list of

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